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Current Resident Info

General Leasing Information


Renewals occur when one or more of the current residents of an apartment sign the lease for the same unit for the following year. Residents understand that between the two lease periods, The University Group will not assess the apartment for damages nor clean the apartment. Before leasing for the next year begins, The University Group will inform the current residents of the new rent rate so that residents may begin renewal discussions.

The new resident(s) replacing the current resident(s) on the renewal lease will be responsible for reimbursing the current resident(s) for their portion(s) of the security deposit. On the date specified on the renewal lease, the current resident(s) will be responsible for handing over their key(s) to the new resident(s). The prospective resident(s) for renewal leases will need to submit an application online or at our office. You may submit an online application at: http://ugroupcu.com

Pass down Renewals

Pass down renewals occur when the current residents of a specific apartment decide not to renew the apartment for the following year. Instead they provide The University Group with names of prospective residents who would like to lease the apartment for the following year. The prospective residents for pass down renewal leases will need to submit an application online or at our office. You may submit the application at: http://ugroupcu.com. At lease signing, the prospective residents will pay a security deposit. On the date specified on the pass down renewal lease, the current residents will be responsible for handing over their keys to the new residents. The University Group will not assess the apartment for damages nor do a general cleaning of the apartment. Carpet shampooing will be done at the request of the new residents.


Transfers occur when one or more of the current residents of a University Group apartment choose to sign a lease for the following lease year in a different University Group apartment. Prospective residents who are not University Group residents will need to submit an application online or at our office. You may submit the application at: http://ugroupcu.com . At lease signing, the security deposit balance must be paid. Current residents transferring to a new University Group apartment must sign a transfer agreement. The transfer agreement allows the current residents to stay in their current apartment past the expiration of the lease in order to transfer directly into their new apartment. The transfer agreement allows the current residents to have both sets of keys, for the new apartment and old apartment, for 48 hours so they may easily move from one apartment to the other apartment.

Subleasing Information

Current residents may sublease their apartment to another person by signing a sublease agreement through The University Group. The sublease contract is an agreement between the original resident, referred to as the sublessor, and the new resident, referred to as the sublessee. The original resident is ultimately responsible to The University Group for the lease obligations in the event that the sublessee(s) does not fulfill their sublease obligations. Fees for subleasing are $35 for each sublease agreement. You may not start showing the apartment for subleasing until your lease begins.

Current residents are responsible for finding their own sublessee(s). All sublessees must fill out an application online or at our office. You may submit the application at: http://ugroupcu.com . All sublessees must pass the credit check. Potential sublessees not passing the credit check will not be allowed to sign the sublease agreement. All current residents will need to sign the sublease agreement before the sublessee(s) may sign the sublease agreement. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before the sublease agreement may be signed. Please call our office at (217)352-3182 to schedule a sublease appointment.

The sublessor(s) and the potential sublessee(s) will be responsible for agreeing on the sublease start date, end date (cannot exceed the lease end date), sublessee(s) rent payment amount, and security deposit. If the agreed upon sublease rent payment amount is short of the lease rent amount, the sublessor(s) will be responsible for paying the difference to The University Group. The University Group strongly recommends the sublessor(s) to require the sublessee(s) to pay a security deposit. The security deposit amount should be agreed upon by the sublessor(s) and the sublessee(s). The security deposit is paid directly to the sublessor(s). The sublessor(s) and sublessee(s) will exchange the apartment keys directly. The University Group will not hold or take possession of the keys for the sublessor(s) or sublessee(s).

The University Group strongly recommends that on or near the start date of the sublease, one of the sublessors and one of the sublessees inspect the apartment together for the condition of all items on the move-in checklist. The sublessor and sublessee should sign it, date it, and keep copies for their own records. If the sublease end date is the same as the end date of the original lease, the sublessee(s) will wait thirty days to receive the closing statement and invoices regarding deductions from the original security deposit paid to The University Group. If the sublease end date is prior to the end of the original lease, the sublessor(s) should inspect the apartment for damages. The sublessor(s) are required to return the sublessee(s) security deposit within thirty days of the end of the sublease agreement.


Based on parking availability, current and prospective residents will be given the option to sign a parking space agreement at their apartment lease signing. Current and prospective residents may choose from a map of available spaces and sign the parking space agreement for that particular space. The parking is first come, first serve. Once all parking spaces at a building are leased, a waiting list will be started for that building. If a parking space becomes available, The University Group will call the first person on the waiting list for that building. If the first person does not sign a parking space agreement by the specified deadline, The University Group will proceed down the waiting list. The parking rent will be paid each month along with the apartment rent on the specified dates.

General Resident Information

• You may reach our Leasing Office Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM Saturday 11AM-4PM at (217)352-3182 during our leasing season.

• For all Maintenance concerns you may reach our Maintenance Department Monday-Friday 10AM- 5PM at (217)352-1472. All maintenance problems should be reported to our office in a timely manner so that they may be handled immediately.

• After hours please contact us at (217)352-3182, but you will be directed to an answering service. The answering service will take a message and give our office the report the next morning, unless it is an emergency.

• Air conditioners not operating correctly and lockouts are not considered emergencies. These will be taken care of as soon as possible the next business day. If you are locked out after office hours you may call (217)352-3182 and the on call Maintenance person can let you into your apartment for $50. If you wish to have your locks changed due to a lock out, we suggest that you contact Dave & Harry's Locksmith at (217)352-5034.

Helpful Information about living in a University Group Apartment

Rent Collection

Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  There is a grace period and it is considered late after 5PM on the 5th of the month.  Please refer to your lease for your rent due date. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR BUILDING ADDRESS AND APARTMENT NUMBER ON YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER SO THAT YOUR ACCOUNT IS CREDITED PROPERLY AND YOU ARE NOT ASSESSED A LATE FEE.

Repairs and Maintenance

During the duration of your lease, items in your apartment may require service of our maintenance crew. If this happens for non-emergency repairs, contact the Maintenance Department at (217)352-1472 during office hours. In case of water leakage, notify the Maintenance Department immediately. All maintenance requests must go through the Maintenance Department. Please do not contact the maintenance staff personally - they cannot authorize repairs. For after hours emergencies, please call (217) 352-3182. This will connect you with the afterhours answering service. They will be able to dispatch personnel if you should have an emergency. Please exercise common sense in your maintenance requests. We expect you to do things such as changing your light bulbs and resetting circuit breakers. We will need to charge back any maintenance resulting from negligence or misuse.

Apartment Upkeep

You are expected to keep your apartment reasonably clean at all times. Dirt and garbage encourage bugs! Repairs and maintenance not authorized by management will not be reimbursed.


Bikes are not allowed to be parked in hallways or in the stairwells. If parked in one of these locations they will be removed and you will be charged $25.00 to get the bike back. If your bicycle is impounded for whatever reason, it will be retained for 30 days before it is discarded or sold to cover removal costs.

Security/Damage Deposit

Your damage deposit is used to insure that you keep the apartment in good condition. This sum can be used to rectify any damage, abuse, excess cleaning, and other issues that may exist. The damage deposit cannot be used to pay the last month's rent. The damage deposit will be mailed out within 30 days of the end of the lease. One check for the return of the deposit will be mailed. If you have any questions about the lease agreement, please contact the manager.


Every individual tenant receives an apartment key. One mailbox key and one laundry room key is also delivered to each apartment when the lease starts. All lost keys will be replaced at the resident's expense. In some cases, this may entail re-keying or replacing the lock. A mailbox key replacement is $25.

Laundry Room

All machines are coin operated. For the convenience of other people, please do not leave your clothes in the equipment upon completion. If the machines are not working properly, please notify the manager during office hours so we can have the machine fixed. Empty the lint filter on the dryer before each use. Items left on or around the machines over 24 hours will be discarded. PLEASE HELP US KEEP THE LAUNDRY AREA CLEAN.

Lock Outs

If your key has been lost, see "KEYS" above. Lockouts outside office hours - you will be charged a $50.00 non-refundable fee for lockouts outside office hours payable in CASH ONLY. If you do not have a resident manager, you may be unable to enter your apartment until regular office hours! Please be careful in your approach to this problem, as you will be held responsible for any damages you may cause.


Motorcycles are to be parked only in your parking space. Under no circumstances are they to be stored or repaired in your apartment. Motorcycles are not to be parked or ridden on the grounds or sidewalks of the complex.


Apartment living is considerably different than living in a private home. Please remember that you are living with many other people under the same roof. Please try to take your neighbors into consideration when it comes to noise. Loud stereos, television sets, and appliances can be very bothersome to those around you, especially late at night. The best policy is to make as much noise as you would want to hear if you were trying to relax or study next door. If you have consideration for the people around you, they will offer the same. Please attempt to keep the noise to a minimum in the stairwells. If you are having a problem with a noisy neighbor, notify the manager so he or she may effectively deal with the problem. (However, please talk to the neighbor first; often they do not realize they are being a problem).


Everyone enjoys a party when they are participants. The following rules, however, are necessary and strictly enforced:

  • You are responsible for all actions of your guests. Keep the party within the confines of your apartment WITH THE DOOR CLOSED. There will be no hall or building parties.
  • Keep the noise level to a minimum at all times. You should never disturb your neighbors. Noise level should be dropped to a minimum after 10:00 PM on weeknights and 12:00 AM on Friday or Saturday. Only one warning will be issued for disturbances of this nature. The second time the police will be called and a report will be filed. This report will stay on record with us. If another incident is reported, the owner may terminate your lease as stated in paragraph 16 of your lease.
  • Do not allow your guests to park in the parking lot unless it is your space! It is embarrassing to have a friend's car get towed.


Pets are prohibited and Lessee hereby agrees not to allow or keep any pets in or about the leased premises or the building without advanced written permission of the Lessor. Lessee understands that the prohibition of pets also applies to pets of lessee's guests and visitors. If Lessor finds a pet on the premises, Lessee hereby agrees to pay a fine of $250.00 as liquidated damages and an additional $15.00 for each additional day the pet remains on the premises. This fine shall be applied in all cases, even those when a tenant is "keeping" the pet for a friend or it is "visiting" with a guest of the Lessee. If the pet remains on the premises for a period of five days or more from the date it is first observed by the Lessor, then the Lessee's right of possession shall terminate and the Lessee shall vacate the premises immediately. Also, the Lessee shall pay all sums due hereunder, including rent and penalties for the balance of the term of this lease. (Paragraph 13 of the lease)

Returned Checks

If a check is returned for any reason, you will be charged $50.00 for each occurrence. A late fee will also be applied.


If a car is parked in your parking space, you may contact Reynolds Towing at (217)337-0913 or (800)242-8694 to have the car towed. If the car is gone after calling Reynolds, please contact them as soon as the car is removed so that the removal order can be cancelled. The complex encourages you to have violators towed. If people discover that violators will be towed, you will not have further problems. Do not request management to have a vehicle towed since they do not have the authority.

Apartment Equipment

Air Conditioners

For apartments with central air conditioning or a wall unit: To cool your apartment as quickly as possible, close the doors to the bedroom and bath areas. During extremely hot weather, it is suggested to start your air conditioner in the early morning before it gets too hot to maintain a cool apartment. Remember these units will cool your apartment, not refrigerate it. When it is 110 degrees outside you will not be able to keep your inside temperature at 70 degrees! DO NOT SET THE THERMOSTAT BELOW 72 DEGREES FOR COOLING OR THE AIR CONDITIONER WILL FREEZE UP!! DO NOT REMOVE AIR FILTERS! If air filters are removed you will be held liable for any damage or maintenance to the heating or air conditioner. Please check the operation of the air conditioner prior to the start of the cooling season, since if it does not operate it often takes 5 to 10 days for service.

Circuit Breakers
If anything in your apartment does not work-check the breakers first.

ONLY USE DISHWASHER SOAP IN THE DISHWASHER!!!!! Rinse dishes before washing. Keep wheels on bottom rack of the door because if set off into the dishwasher it will ruin the strainers on the bottom. Please run dishwasher at least every two weeks to keep seals damp.

Keep your windows closed during rain and threatening periods when you are gone. DO NOT REMOVE BLINDS.

Do not place hot objects directly on the Formica. Do not use the Formica as a cutting board. Avoid cleaning with strong abrasives.

Bulb replacement is the responsibility of the tenant, unless the light bulb is a fluorescent tube light bulb.

Do not put any metal objects in the microwave. Do not attempt to operate the microwave when there is nothing in it.


It will make it easier in moving out if you clean your oven regularly. When broiling, covering the bottom of the broiler tray with water before use will reduce excessive grease splatter. This, in turn, will reduce the time required for cleaning the oven. Also, when broiling, always keep the oven door open a few inches. To also reduce the amount of cleaning needed, try placing aluminum foil (shiny side up) under the burners.


Defrost and clean your refrigerator monthly to keep it functioning properly. During hot, humid weather you may need to defrost it every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. The following are some guidelines on defrosting your refrigerator: Turn the dial to defrost. Be sure to unscrew the refrigerator light because cold water will shatter the bulb. A blow dryer, when directed into the freezer compartment, will effectively speed the defrosting process. DO NOT SCRAPE OR PRY ICE OR FROST LOOSE!!!!! In cleaning your refrigerator, do not use anything stronger than soap and water. NEVER USE BLEACH!

Be sure shower doors are closed when taking a shower. The door on the inside track should be the one next to the faucet. If you have a shower curtain, please make sure it is inside the tub. After each shower, please rinse all soap off of the shower doors and shower enclosures; this will help in avoiding a build up of soap film. Keep the bathroom floor dry.

Smoke Detectors

Each apartment is furnished with a battery operated or hard-wired smoke detector. Battery replacement is the responsibility of the tenant.


Do not sweep your apartment dirt into the stairwells. If you spill or break something, please clean it up. Do not leave barbecue grills, garbage, plants, or bikes in the stairwells or hallways. If left there, they will be discarded. A $25.00 fine will be assessed for each removal.


Use discretion in what you flush down the toilet. Tampons are not items that may be flushed. It is the tenant's responsibility to provide toilet plungers for their apartments. A toilet plugged from neglect or misuse will be unstopped at the tenant's expense of $25.00 per call.

Simple Guidelines To Follow:
1. Absolutely no pets will be allowed (this includes pets of friends visiting, regardless of the length of their stay. THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE. This is similarly applied to anybody subleasing. If you go against this notice, you will receive an eviction notice shortly after discovery of your pet. See paragraph 13 in your lease and the section on "PETS" in this booklet.

2. The complex roof area is off-limits. Violation will result in a $500.00 fine and eviction!

3. Heat must be left on at 60 degrees during cold weather, especially if you leave for winter vacation. If your water pipes freeze and/or bust, you will be held responsible.

4. Park only in your rented spot. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed. If someone is in your space, you can have the vehicle towed. We cannot tow from your space. If it is a maintenance vehicle, please contact the office.

5. You are not allowed to paint your apartment.

6. You shall permit the management to enter your apartment during reasonable hours to inspect for damages, make repairs, or show the apartment to future tenants.

7. Do not leave anything in the hallways.

8. No property of the building or unit is to be removed from your apartment.

9. Vehicles are not to be parked or driven on the complex grounds except in the designated parking areas.

10. You shall not do anything that will violate any law or increase the insurance rates on the building.


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