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Maintenance FAQs



If outlets or lights in an area of the apartment don't have power while other areas in the apartment still have power, you need to first check the GFIs in the kitchen and bathroom are linked to a Ground Fault Interrupter or GFI outlet as illustrated to the right. This is a special electrical outlet that prevents electrocution in situations where water may come into contact with an electrical appliance. If you lose electrical power in the kitchen or bathroom, try pressing the "reset" button. Pressing the "test" button will intentionally trip the GFI. Press the "reset" button to reset the GFI. If resetting the GFI does not restore power you need to reset the breaker.


Every apartment has its own breaker box. If you can't find yours, try checking in the closets or in the mechanical room next to the water heater.

Once you locate the breaker box, open the cover and notice that it looks like several light switches. Feel each switch to make sure that it's firmly in the ON position. Don't worry touching touching these switches won't shock you. Once a breaker is tripped it will feel loose. Flip the switch to the OFF and then ON. This will reset the breaker and power should be restored. If the breaker won't reset, you probably have too many things plugged into an outlet. If this occurs try plugged into an outlet. If that does not work please fill out our repair request form.


If your toilet is overflowing, first shut off the water. The water shut-off valve is located behind the toilet. Turn the valve counter clockwise and you should hear the water stop running. Next insert the plunger in the toilet and begin plunging as illustrated here. You will know that the blockage is clear because the water in the toilet will drain down.


To turn the water back on, turn the water shutoff valve clockwise. Let water in the tank fill up and flush. If the problem persists, repeat the instructions above. Sometimes it takes a few tries to clear the blockage. If that does not work please fill out our service request form.

Garbage disposals

If your garbage disposal is not working, first reach below the unit and feel around for the reset button. Push the button to reset the unit. If that doesn't work then there may be something jammed in the unit. You need to rotate the unit to free it up. Take an allen wrench and insert it into the hole in the center of the bottom of the disposal. Rotate the wrench back and forth until you feel the blockage is freed. DO NOT apply too much pressure to the grinder. If you cannot easily free the grinder call our office or fill out a repair request form.


If your stove or oven won't light, you either need to relight the pilot light, OR have you called the gas company to have your gas turned on? If your stove burners won't light, gently lift the base of the stove-top. Next locate the pilot light (two total). Use a lighter or match to relight the pilot light. If your oven won't light or warm up, look below the base of the oven or directly below it to locate the pilot light. Use a match or lighter to relight the pilot light.



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