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Rules & Regulations

Below are rules and procedures which apply to you and your apartment for move-in, move-out and general usage.


1. General cleaning of the apartment includes (but is not limited to): Vacuuming floors and carpets, cleaning furniture and countertops, cleaning of sink and tubs, mopping and waxing kitchen and bathroom floors, oven cleaning, cleaning of closets and storage areas, fan and vent cleaning. If the apartment is not up to the University Group's standards for cleaning, the University Group will hire professional cleaners and charge you a minimum of $65.00 which could be more depending on the amount of cleaning needed for the apartment. Your apartment's carpet will be professionally steam-cleaned at the end of your lease. You may expect the following range of market charges for said steam cleaning: 1 Br./Eff. = $65 - $80; 2 Br. = $80 - $105; 3 Br. = $105 - $125; 4 Br. = $125 - $145; 5 BR = $145 - $165. Please note that these charges are estimates and actual invoices will be provided by Lessor upon receipt. These charges are for cleaning only, and do not include charges for repair of damages beyond normal wear and tear. The University Group provides this cleaning service to guarantee new tenants will have a professionally cleaned unit and carpet upon move in. We do not clean blinds and windows. Cleaning companies charge too much for window and blind cleaning, and we cannot in good faith pass these charges on to our tenants, so you are not required to clean them when your lease expires. During occupancy, please exercise your own cleaning preferences regarding blinds and windows.

2. Damages to the apartment interior, including but not limited to any walls, doors, rugs, windows, blinds, screens, furniture, and fixtures above normal wear and tear will be charged according to the cost of repair and replacement including all labor and material costs. If the entire apartment is required to be painted due to the tenant's fault, beyond normal wear and tear, you may expect the following range of market charges: Efficiencies = $200 - $250; 1Br. = $250 - $290; 2 Br. = $290 - $325; 3Br. = $325 - $375; 4 Br. = $375 - $425; 5BR = $425 - $550. Extra hole patching may result in additional charges. Individual room or wall charges will be calculated on a pro-rated basis according to the above estimates. Please note that these charges are estimates and actual invoices will be provided upon request and receipt.


3. Utility and Water Connect/Disconnect procedure: Power and Water (where applicable) shall be connected for the entire term of the lease and any renewals thereof. If any utilities need to be reconnected for cleaning or maintenance purposes before the expiration of the lease term, you will be charged for the usage of those utilities and any reconnection charges or fees.


4. All keys shall be returned to the main office at the same time. If all keys are not returned, you will be charged for re-keying/replacement of the lock. Your apartment is not considered vacant until all the keys are returned to the office, and deposit refund periods are computed accordingly.  Leave a forwarding address on an index card at the office so your security deposit can be mailed back to you. You have 30 days from the postmark on the envelope containing your deposit information to contact our office with any questions or disputes. Initial inquiries made after this 30-day period will not be recognized.


5. Move-out must be completed by 12:00 p.m. of the last day of your lease. Move-out shall not be complete until all personal property has been removed from the apartment and all keys have been returned to us. Late move-out will result in a charge of triple your daily rent per day or any fraction thereof plus any costs the new tenant may incur from your continued possession including but not limited to the hotel costs of new tenant. Please try to arrange for your final condition check out appointment with the office well in advance of the actual date you plan to move out. It is helpful to be present for the final condition check-out, as items of possible dispute may be settled at that time. You must arrange for this appointment in advance. If you do not arrange the final condition check-out appointment in advance, or otherwise are not present for the check-out, then we will complete the final check-out as per our own schedule, and all above items will apply where necessary. Any personal property left in the unit for a period of 30 days after it is vacated will be discarded. Any personal property picked up during said 30 day period shall be charged a $10.00 per day storage fee plus our cost of packing, PAYABLE IN CASH.


6. If this is a roommate lease, all charges for damages or clean-up will be applied to the individual responsible. If the responsible individual cannot be determined, then all charges will be shared equally by all roommates. There will be only one checkout per roommate apartment. The last person out will be responsible for setting up a checkout time and date. If one or more roommates renew the lease, the new resident(s) replacing the current resident(s) on the renewal lease will be responsible for reimbursing the current resident(s) for their portion(s) of the security deposit. On the date specified on the renewal lease, the current resident(s) will be responsible for handing over their key(s) to the new resident(s).


7. When paying December rent, all student tenants who will be leaving for Winter break may leave a post-dated check for January rent at the office. We guarantee this check will not be cashed prior to January 1st. The purpose of this procedure is to save you the trouble of mailing the January rent, and to save possible late charges due to postal delays. All payments made to The University Group must be paid on time in the form of a personal check, cashier's check, bank check, money order, traveler's check or acceptable credit card. Cash payments are not accepted. A late fee of $50.00 is assessed at 5:00PM on the 5th of every month if payment is not received. Only one security deposit refund check will be issued per apartment. In the case of roommates, one roommate should be designated as the representative of the apartment who will leave a forwarding address with the office and be responsible for dividing up the security deposit amongst the roommates.


8. You acknowledge that the owner makes no representations or warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever with respect to the functioning or operation of any human or mechanical security systems which the owner may provide. You agree that the
owner shall not be responsible or liable for any bodily injury, property loss or damage of any kind or nature which you or any members of your family, employees, invitees or guests may suffer or incur by reason of any claim that the owner, his agents or employees, or any mechanical or electronic system in the building has been negligent or has malfunctioned or that an additional or different security measure or system could have prevented said bodily injury, property loss or damage. Lessee agrees to obtain renter's insurance for the duration of the lease.


9. Tenant shall not alter any carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector provided in the unit. Tenant is given the responsibility to test and to provide general maintenance to said detectors within the unit, including the responsibility to replace the batteries, and to notify the owner in writing of any deficiencies which tenant cannot correct. Tenant shall be liable to owner for any damages resulting from its failure to keep said detectors in good working condition. Owner shall not be liable for any damage caused by the failure of said detectors to operate properly.

10. Tenant(s) shall not set the thermostat below 70 degrees when using the air-conditioning. Tenant(s) shall not turn off the furnace or heating system during the winter months, and the unit must be left at a minimum of 60 degrees. The owner has the option to take immediate possession of the unit for the remainder of the lease term if the tenant has failed to provide or keep the power turned on, regardless if the unit has not been vacated or whether rent has been paid. If the unit is vacated, the owner shall make a reasonable effort to re-let the premises, applying the proceeds to this lease in an effort to mitigate its damages. The tenant shall remain liable for the unpaid balance of the rent, any and all damages, cleaning charges if necessary, lock change charges and any other expenses required and related to the re-let.


11. The unit may contain a terrace or balcony. The terms of the lease apply to the terrace or balcony in the same way it does the unit. Tenant must keep the terrace or balcony clean and free from any debris or rubbish, including but not limited to any snow, ice, leaves, garbage, clothes, bikes or signs. Tenant may not keep or install a fence or make any changes, additions or alterations to the terrace or balcony. Installation of any furniture or plants requires the prior written consent of the owner. Owner reserves the right to remove any items not deemed appropriate or not approved and will store them at tenant's expense. Balcony and terrace use is limited to no more than 2 people at a time. Any damage caused by the tenant or his/her family, guests or invitees by the improper usage of said balcony or terrace shall be at the sole liability and responsibility of the tenant. The Owner shall not be liable for any damage caused by tenant's failure to follow these rules and exercise proper balcony use.


12. The storage, keeping or use of gas, charcoal or open burners of any sorts (as well as the fuel that they use) or any other cooking device not designed for indoor use is a violation of the Fire Prevention Code and is strictly prohibited in the apartment or on the terrace, patio or balcony due to danger of fire and smoke disturbance to tenant's neighbors and other occupants.

13. All residents have the right of quiet enjoyment of their apartment. To achieve this goal, residents shall not make or permit any loud or disturbing noises, including but not limited to any screaming, yelling or arguing. Tenants shall keep the volume of any radio, television, stereo or musical instrument in their apartments at a sufficiently low level at all times so as not to disturb the other residents in the building. Any violation or repeated violation of this noise rule or the infringement on another resident's right of quiet enjoyment is a direct violation of the lease and can result in the termination of your lease and possible eviction. The use of illegal drugs or any other activities contrary to law is strictly prohibited and will result in eviction. Smoking inside the dwelling unit is in direct violation of the lease and can result in eviction.


14. Tenant shall pay the cost of toilet repairs resulting from the flushing of materials other than regular amounts of toilet paper, including but not limited to hairbrushes, rolls of toilet paper, sanitary supplies, cans or bottles. YOU SHOULD PURCHASE A PLUNGER. If maintenance is called for toilet repairs and plunging resolves the issue, tenant will be charged $25.00 per occurrence. Also, any related overflow problems (other apts. etc.) will be billed on a time and material basis. Check the breakers and light bulbs before you call for no power. If maintenance is called and a new light bulb or breaker push resolves the issue, tenant will be charged $25.00 per occurrence. (The U. Group does not supply light bulbs). There is a $50.00 fee for an apartment lockout. If a front door key is lost, the lock will be rekeyed at the tenant's expense. The tenant(s) will be charged the market rate for the rekeying of the lock. A mailbox key replacement is $25.00. Any other maintenance calls, including but not limited to repairs of blinds, screens, windows, the front door dead bolt lock, interior locks and doors, furniture, carpet, appliances, common area items or any other items due to tenant's own acts, omissions or negligence including that of tenant's guest(s), invitee(s) or agent(s), and not considered normal wear and tear, will be charged on a time and material basis. Any repairs done after normal business hours will be charged at double the normal rates. All common areas of the buildings including but not limited to courtyards, inside hallways, outside walks, elevators, parking areas or general grounds shall not be damaged or abused; major damage in excess of $100.00 per occurrence shall be charged to the tenant(s) responsible. If it is known that the common area damage was caused by tenant(s) residing in the building, but the identity of the responsible party cannot reasonably be determined, then the charges for said damage shall be assessed and equally borne between all tenants residing in the building. A positive identification of the responsible party will cancel the shared responsibility of damages. In any case it is the responsibility of the resident(s) to file a police report and give a copy to The University Group.

15. Satellite dishes are expressly prohibited except as allowed under The University Group Satellite Dish Policy. Any installation of a satellite dish without our prior written consent as defined and explained in the Satellite Dish Policy shall constitute a breach of this lease. No double-faced tape or adhesive hangers may be used. Lessee agrees not to litter the grounds. Lessee shall not display any window, door, or yard signs.


16. If you are moving into an apartment before the start date of your lease you must sign an Early Move In form or Transfer Agreement at the office located at 309 S. First Street(unless your previous address is greater than 200 mile radius from the office then we may email or fax the form or agreement). You may sign the Early Move In form starting May 1. If you are moving into an apartment in August you must have the Early Move In form or Transfer Agreement signed by all the individuals that are on the lease and returned to The University Group leasing office no later than July 31. If the form is not completed by July 31, possession cannot be taken for the apartment until the start date of the lease. There are a limited number of Early Move Ins allowed from August 7th to August 24th. Early Move Ins will be limited to 25 Early Move Ins per day, with the exception of weekend days when Early Move Ins will not be allowed.


17. Renewals occur when one or more of the current residents of an apartment sign the lease for the same unit for the following year. Lessee(s) agrees that between the two lease periods, The University Group will not assess the apartment for damages nor clean the apartment. Lessee(s) agrees the new resident(s) replacing the current resident(s) on the renewal lease will be responsible for reimbursing the current resident(s) for their portion(s) of the security deposit. Lessee(s) agrees that on the date specified on the renewal lease, the current resident(s) will be responsible for handing over their key(s) to the new resident(s).


18. The Lessor will only discuss issues regarding the lease or the leased premises with the individuals that have signed the lease. Lessor will not discuss issues with the lease or leased premises with anyone who has not personally signed the lease.


19. Basic furniture shall be supplied to each furnished apartment rented as follows:

Efficiencies - Bed, Sofa, 3 piece dinette, & chest
1 BR - Sofa, 3 piece dinette, chest, & bed
2 BR - Sofa, LR chair, 3 piece dinette, 2 chests, & 2 beds
3 BR - Sofa, LR chair, 5 piece dinette, 3 chests, & 3 beds
4/5 BR - Sofa, LR chair, 5 piece dinette, 4/5 chests, & 4/5 beds

Some apartments may have kitchen islands and stools in lieu of a dinette set. The University Group does not supply end tables, night stands, coffee tables, lamps, or desks. Any of these above-mentioned items leftover in the apartments may be used at no charge, but no repairs or replacements shall be made to said items. Any changes, additions, or deletions, to the above list should be stated in the lease. Check bed size for correct linens. Tenant will have 72 hours upon check in to report any damages or deficiencies of the basic furniture to the landlord on the check in sheet. Any changes, additions, or deletions during this time need landlord approval, which shall be based only on damage beyond normal wear and tear, or missing items (sometimes damage occurs after your lease was signed and before you move in). Furniture style, color, or bed size shall not be considered a reason for replacement.



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